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Grand Athenaeum Welcome to the Grand Athenaeum, a place that holds all of Maple World's knowledge and records. This library is more than just dusty old books and tomes. Here you will be able to relive untold stories of key moments in Maple World's history. Requirement: Lv.100 or above

GMS v.148 – Grand Athenaeum (2014-03-26) | AyumiLove Dec 21, 2018 ... Welcome to the Grand Athenaeum, a place that holds all of Maple World's ... Mastery Book 20; Bonus Pendant Slot (21 Days); Bonus Pendant Slot (7 Days): ... what it was like to control the awesome fury of a Maplestory Boss? Which quests from the light bulb are worth your while? New player ... Grand Athenaeum does comes with a reward of a Mastery Book 20 and Pendant Coupons at the end, though. ... Wings of Fate cape (which is basically next best cape to Tyrant) and Masteria the best in slot medal in Reboot. [Grand Athenaeum] Story Fragment | MapleWiki | FANDOM powered ...

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May 18, 2016 ... We step forward into yet again another new era of MapleStory, the Supernatural, where we discover the ... If the Receiving Equipment still has any remaining upgrade slots, the system will prompt usage of .... Mushroom Castle: Mesos, Spell Traces, New Pendant • Grand Athenaeum: Mesos, Spell Traces Map ID | Nature - Scribd ... read book online. ID Map maplestory. ... 305000000 - Grand Athenaeum : Ellin Forest Beyond the Cabinet 1 305000100 ...... 910195007 - Hidden Street : Pendant's Memories 2 ..... 810000000 - Ludibrium : Entrance to Slot Machine Arcade

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I know they gave a few of these out earlier in the year for non reboot worlds, but I don't see why there aren't any coupons for a second permanent pendant slot. We already have hyper teleport rocks to buy with mesos every week, there is literally no reason for pendant coupons to only last 30 days. [Grand Athenaeum] Food for the Soul -

BasilMarket Are the Extra Pendant slots permanent? thread

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