Adventure quest how to get extra slots

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(a slot costs 200 Z-tokens and is un-sellable) However many slots you have you can only use the top 8 of each type of armor, weapon etc in battle. Also a house can give extra slots at the higher levels (3rd house onwards [forest log cabin])

Get Raccoon Leaf without hunting, via Pet adventure … How to get many meatball? Like for 3 chest adventure 15 x 5 x 3 char = 225 meatball per day. While you can only get 20 x 3 char per day + cook labourAnd you don't need to use all 3 slots for 3 chests, you just need to fulfill the extra criterias. Some pets can fulfill multiple criteria, like Intimacy 5 Desert... 7 Games Like Adventure Quest - TechShout - The following games like Adventure Quest provide pure RPG goodness.There’s even a Nintendo DS title thrown into the mix for anyone who wants to get a piece of all the action while on the go.You’ll be bombarded with more than 150 extra quests along with 9 extra skills to train with.

If you don't know what Adventure Quest is, it's a free, lunch-break-sized RPG that you can play daily using your web browser. There are many fun quests that you can go on, many monsters you will battle, and many puzzles you will need solved. If you don't already have an Adventure quest ID, click here...

Adventure Quest? | Yahoo Answers In Adventure Quest, you cannot buy extra slots. However, in the related game Dragon Fable, it is possible for paid members to buy extra slots. Adventure Quest - Online RPG Houses A total of six extra slots! Cost: 2000 Z-Tokens: From Log Cabin you can get the Big Wood House! The fireplace is a nice touch, and so is the added storage space. It gives your character two free extra weapon,armor,shield,spell,pet and misc inventory slots. A total of 12 extra slots! Cost: 4000 Z-Tokens: This is the Stone Cottage.

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raise strong people,kill monsters,good starting to like it total posts: 70 since: May 2009 extra slots - Adventure Quest Forum - Neoseeker Forums You can then click on the section you want an extra slot for and click Buy to get a new slot for 200 Tokens. Jiraiya2006. I <3 Jirachi ... Neoseeker Forums » PC Games » Adventure Quest » extra ... Inventory slots, Adventure Quest Questions and answers for PC Inventory slots. How do you buy more armor weapon and spell slots??? ANSWER. TRACK | REPORT ... and click on inventory. After that click on extra slots, and buy one. The price is 200 Z-Tokens. Hope this helps! 1 2 ... Ask a question for Adventure Quest Question Guidelines. Your Question.