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The mysteries of ports ... port function, max SPL etc. Optimisation for different purposes. The BB2 & BT2 are both designed to perform extremely well low down for any owners who use very big amps and heavy EQ boost at low frequencies, which is why the ports are so big. With the SC and ST the cabs are not tuned quite as low, nor the enclosures ... What is the difference between a connector, jack, plug ... The difference between a computer connector, jack, plug, and port with full explanation and visual examples. The difference between a computer connector, jack, plug, and port with full explanation and visual examples. ... connects to a port. For example, all desktop computer expansion cards have a connector that allows them to connect in a slot ... 12W6v3-D4 Ported Enclosure Design

Re: Convert round to slot ports Provided Link: JL audio thing on ports No, what you'll need to do is figure the area. EX. 2" dia cirlce is 3.14 in. square. ( the R of a 2" circle is 1, so 1 squred is 1 * pie (3.14) = 3.14 sqaured.) SO you would need a 1 x 3.14 slot at whatever leangth. Same leangth as the round port.

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2) you can increase SPL using a smaller port area, by having a more efficient port design that doesn't require as much port area. you have a 4x7 slot port, and compare it to 1 6" aero port. both have 28^2 of port, yet the aero has 1/2 the vent velocity of the slot (well we're assuming this because we are using the specs from a round port vs a ...

ASC Dual 15" Round Universal Subwoofer Paintable Baffle Slot Vented Port Sub Box Speaker Enclosure. 4.4 out of 5 stars 14. Electronics $132.35 $ 132. 35. FREE Shipping. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. NEW! Q-POWER QBOMB 15 Sealed Car Subwoofer Sub Box Enclosure | QBOMB15S Single. Sealed or Ported Subwoofer Enclosures - Which is Better The port/vent shown below is triangular in shape and is also a slot port design but is located on the side of the enclosure. You typically find ported enclosures in vehicles that compete in SPL (Sound Pressure Level) competitions which measure how loud a vehicle’s sound system is in decibels or dB’s. Slot Port Dimensions - Dimensioning slots - Autodesk Community- AutoCADI need advice on upgrading my Dimension e521ShawnM 0 MemoryWho is onlineW.T.K Slot port vs round port- Dimensioning Standards . List Of Online Gambling Companies. Slot Port vs. Round Port and modeling - Techtalk Speaker Building .. How To Make A Slot PortRecently Browsing 0 members Slot Port Sub Enclosure -

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